Madeline's Cellar - Petite Sirah - 2018

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Fun Fact :: Petite Sirah is actually a grape called Durif that was discovered in France in the 1860s by the botanist Francois Durif. In Durif’s greenhouse, it seems a Syrah vine crossed with another vine during pollination, and the resulting grape a small, intensely colored berry that was high in tannins and acidity. Naturally being the one to discover the new grape, Francois named it after himself (wouldn’t you?). Madeline's Petite Sirah was the first wine Grady, Cesar, Lis, Jeff, and Dennis tasted and knew instantly it was going to be something very special. Grown and made in classic California Central Coast style, our Petite Sirah has rich flavors and aromas of blueberry, chocolate, pepper and spices. Its high tannins and acidity make it great for pairing with curries, as well as rich meaty dishes. An absolute must for your collection of Madeline Cellar wines!